We are diligently looking for partners to help deliver our commitment and passion for making premium tea to the world. If you are thinking about joining us, WE WANT TO KNOW YOU!

Below are some key highlights about what we have in store for you. You are not alone in this. We HELP you grow and we believe this is what partnership is all about!

Store captain

Future Prosperity

  • Tea Top headquarters provides its employees a dreaming opportunity of becoming branch partner by supporting capitals so that we take risks and share profit together. Profiting from partnership branch store and multiple franchised stores, it is no longer a dream to earn million dollar income annually.

Available Resources

  • The headquarters provides comprehensive training and store developing plan. The strategic marketing team helps to boost our brand image so that there are higher ranked positions waiting ahead.


  • The headquarters will assign the candidate to various Tea Top stores for a 3-month training. He / She will be supervised and evaluated periodically. The candidate must pass our comprehensive training program to be qualified for partnership.

Salary & Bonus

  • The composition of monthly pay and various allowances, goal achieving bonus and shareholder’s dividends may sum up to one million NT dollars a year.


  • Coping along with Labors’ Law, employees are covered by Labors’ Health Insurance, Labors’ pension Plan, and company group insurance. There’re also benefits such as vacations, overtime pay, and 3-festival & year-end bonus. We make sure our employees are well taken care of so they can dedicate themselves in the pursuit of business dreams.

More Welfare

  • There are opportunities of traveling abroad every year, joining periodical dinner gathering, attending high ranking managerial lecturers’ seminar, and site visiting to various enterprises. Subsidy is given for after-hour educational or occupational learning.

Please submit your job resume by fill out the form below or email your to ch.pan@yahoo.com. We will reply as soon as possible.

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