"Since TeaTop was founded in 2006, I have not only been selling tea but also sharing the principles of tea that could be passed on from generation to generation."

- TeaTop Founder / CEO David Yang

What We've Achieved

  • TeaTop's origin, TeaTalk had been growing and selling high quality tea since 1901. 

  • TeaTop is the first in the industry to use the highest grade "High Mountain Tea Leaf" to serve cold bubble tea drink.

  • One of TeaTop's products are certified by the Taiwan SGS to ensure all of our products free of plasticizer and/or other chemical additives. 

  • All the tea leaves are inspected and received government accredited "Green Shield Certified". 

  • TeaTop has been granted GSP (Good Service Practice) certificate for three consecutive years in recognizing TeaTop is a GSP compliance business.